Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance

Key Person Insurance

If you insure the fixed assets in your business, why wouldn’t you insure the greatest assets in your business – your people?

Why do you need key person insurance?

Key person insurance provides the funds to continue trading, to maintain profit, fund a replacement, pay off a bank load or repay directors loan accounts. Our experts will work with you on a wider protection strategy that will provide the stability you need to keep your business going.

Key people come in all shapes and sizes – ultimately, they are the people on whom the business is financially dependent.

Take a moment to look inside your business and think about who you really rely on:

  • Business owners who set the strategic direction and run the business
  • A sales person or director who has a major impact or influence on profit
  • Specialists whose skills are hard to replace
  • People who hold relationships with third parties (banks, suppliers or key clients)

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