Restaurants & Bars Insurance

Restaurants & Bars Insurance

Insurance for Restaurants & Bars

If you run a busy pub or restaurant and deal with the public on a daily basis, it’s vitally important you have appropriate insurance in place, covering your liabilities and protecting your premises, business and livelihood.

Running a pub or restaurant can be challenging and it is essential you ascertain the level of risk you face in order to secure adequate insurance.

Our many years’ experience arranging cover for clients throughout the food and entertainment sector has given us an in-depth understanding of the standard and non-standard risks to which you may be exposed, enabling us to arrange a bespoke policy that protects your business, premises, stock and equipment.

As required, cover can provide protection against such scenarios as fire or flood, which could seriously disrupt your business, and ensure you are covered against business interruption, offering protection should you need to close temporarily.

We can also provide public, employers’ and third party liability, essential if staff and members of the public frequent your premises.

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